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Every day someone buys an illegal or partially illegal property in Mallorca – make sure it’s not you.
I know it may seem unbelievable that you can go to a notary to buy a property, inscribe it on the property registry and later on discover that is was not legal. Unfortunately, legality is not necessary to buy or inscribe.
The worst part is that to find a property 100% legal is very difficult . This is due to the fact during the last 50 years, authorities have been very permissive with illegal building works, and only in recent years have they decided to prosecute it.

The ideal scenario is to get a property 100% legal. However, if this is not the case, the next step is work out if it is possible to legalise the property and if so, obligate the vendor to do so before the signing the purchase deed.
In a situation where legalising the property is not possible, you must be aware of all the consequences and decide if it is something you can live with.
If this is not the case, it is best to look for another property.

Trust me, this is real. Illegalities are a serious problem, and one that is going to get worst over time. DO NOT expect all vendors or the agents (who of course works for the vendor and and most of the time they only have the information that the seller has provided ) to tell you the truth about the status of the property. Keep in mind that many times sellers don’t know that there is an illegal part on their property.


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