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As a Real Estate Lawyer in Mallorca, my objective is not only to ensure that my clients get the property that they desire, my objective is to ensure that they get the property free of charges, encumbrances, whilst understanding the legal status and avoiding issues to do with holding or reselling the property in the future....

The only way to achieve this is to systematically identify and resolve any issues one by one, before the signing takes place. I consider highlighting every potential problem vital when your client is investing in real state. Finding problems is the first step to solving them.

Defects, charges and other issues must be announced as soon as they arise because when a problem is clearly defined, the solution is on the way .


99% of my clients are foreign investors that come to Mallorca to buy (or sell) a property for business or for their personal reasons. These estates range from small properties held by individuals to large ones held by companies....

I'm integrated in a multidisciplinary team that allows me to provide not only real estate advice, but also tax advice, tax liquidation after purchase, mortgage applications support in Spanish banks, and handling matters such as modifying supply invoices any other documentation.

To buy a property in Mallorca, you must follow some steps to ensure a safe transaction. Here you will find all the support and information you need.

Follow this link for more information about the process of buying a property >>> .

100% Independent

I consider it essential to be able to advise a customer to abort the purchase if I discover a problem. The trick to doing this is simple. I only work either for the buyer or for the seller. Never for both. I don't have any agreement with any one to send me clients in exchange for facilitating the operation, and I also do not pay commissions to any one for recommending me. Despite the fact these practices are totally legal, I personally consider them to take away from my independence....

I am grateful to be recommended if the recommendation is genuine. However, I do not accept referrals that in return expect anything that may be detrimental to my clients. Client's interests should not be interfered with and I always inform them of the reality of the property even though it may well be a deal breaker.

Deep checking of the legality

The existence of illegal and partially illegal properties in Mallorca has become a major issue, and it seems that it will get worst in the future. This means that sitting at a desk and reading through documents is not sufficient to know the real status of a property....

That is why I take off my jacket and tie and visit the property my client is looking to buy, as many times as is necessary. I thoroughly investigate the property and reform licenses in the town hall, and where necessary I will recommend my cliente to hire an independent architect to visit the property and meet town hall technicians in order to discover the true status of the property and documentation in order to accurately inform the buyer.

Follow this link for more information about illegal or partially illegal properties and it's consequences >>> .

Deep checking of charges and encumbrances

Property has to be bought in a clean manor, so I endeavour to find out if there are any outstanding payments, mortgages, rights of thirds parties or the existence of debt. I find the most effective and efficient way of negotiating with the vendor, and ensure that these are taken care of before the purchase takes place....

This is vital because although before the purchase, the vendor and his / her agent are open to listen, help, and do all that is necessary to close the deal, after signing the purchase deed they may well disappear.

If there are outstanding charges and encumbrances, then a sum has to be held as a warranty or the purchase price must be reduced to compensate the buyer. .

Transparent Costs Information

Before starting this venture, you would like to know what the total cost will be. From the very beginning, I will provide you with the cost of tax payments, not only regrading the purchase, but also relating to holding the property in the future, the costs associated with getting a mortgage in case you should need it, as well as costs associated with notary , property registry, lawyer etc......

Buying a property in Mallorca means that you 'hold it'. Wealth tax is the most expensive tax if your assets in Spain total more than 700.000 euros, but annual land tax, garbage collection and the annual 210 model must also be liquidated. After the purchase you will also need to pay this annual and permanent tax liquidating service.

If you send me an E-Mail indicating the municipality where the property is located (only in Mallorca), and the asked price of the property, I will roughly calculate the costs associated with the purchase of that property for you.

Follow this link to learn more about taxes and expenses >>> .


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