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buying a property in Mallorca

Two basic and simple tips for buying a property in Mallorca.

You will find thousands of tips for buying a property in Mallorca, but I think there are two that are logical but essential.
You may already know them, but trust me; my experience tells me that buying a property is a bit like falling in love. Once the buyer has found what he /she is looking for, he/ she is so enraptured, so in love with the property and so excited, that he /she forgets the basics.
Buy with conviction, but with the caution you would use if you were buying a new phone or a car, not less.

1.- Don’t rush. It’s OK if someone else buys a property in Mallorca that you want to buy. There are thousands of properties for sale and you will be pressured to sign a contract as soon as possible. Rushing is a bad advisor.

2.-Choose YOUR advisor. Don’t let the seller, or the intermediary agent, or anyone else who makes a profit from your purchase, suggest who should advise you on how to buy a property in Mallorca.
Trust me, of all the tips you may hear about buying a property in Mallorca, this is the one that will give you the best result. It is not about whether they are good professionals or not. It is a question of whether they are linked only to you, or whether they also have a link to the seller that prevents them from being 100% on your side.

Let me name some logical facts to take into account when buying a property in Mallorca.

I am sure you have already noticed them, but as I have said before, the rapture for a property takes away our sense.
In Spain you can go to the notary to buy a property and it may be urbanistically illegal, have outstanding debts, hidden defects and don’t expect the seller to tell you.

1.- You don’t know the process of buying a property in Mallorca. Don’t forget that if someone wants to confuse you, they will. So, keep an open eye.
2.- The seller has his best interests at heart. Not yours. You want to buy a property in Mallorca and the only thing the seller wants is for you to buy it as soon as possible.
3.- The intermediary is looking out for his interest or for the interest of the seller who pays him the commission. Not yours.

Don’t be tricked into buying a risky property. The authorities in Mallorca are increasing their efforts of prosecuting illegal builds. With this in mind, buying a house without the proper certifications will undoubtedly result in unforeseen consequences. I’m offering you the opportunity to test my expertise with a FREE RISK REPORT of your future property purchase.

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