Conveyancing Solicitor
in Mallorca

I'm specialised in property transfers, I check contract negotiations, legality of the property towards the local urban law and tax payments.


Real Estate lawyer in Mallorca

Property solicitors

Buying a property in Mallorca not taking account of the Spanish and Mallorca property law can be wasting time and very imprudent.

Illegal properties

I offer a complete legal solution to purchase a property in Mallorca. The existence of illegal and partially illegal properties in Mallorca has become a major issue, and it seems that it will get worst in the future.

Purchasing a property in Mallorca

99% of my clients are foreign investors that come to Mallorca to buy (or sell) a property for business or for their personal reasons. Some are interested in buying a second home in Mallorca or buying a rental property in Mallorca. I work for individuals and companies.

Property tax and steps to buying a property in Mallorca

Before starting this venture, you have to know about the property purchase tax in Mallorca and the total cost of buying a property in Mallorca. From the very beginning, I will provide you with the cost of tax and payments, not only regrading the purchase, but also relating to holding the property in the future, the costs associated with getting a mortgage in case you should need it, as well as costs associated with notary , property registry, lawyer etc...

"My objective is to make sure my clients buy the property free of charges, encumbrances, whilst understanding the legal status and avoiding issues to do with holding or reselling the property in the future."

Toni Marqués, Lawyer, member no. 5.725 of the Illustrious Chamber of Lawyers of the Balearic Islands. English Speaker.

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