Mar 20

Rumors of urban amnesty in the Balearic Islands grow.

The urban amnesty for illegal houses rustic land in the Balearic Islands was already announced by the current president of the Balearic Government during the election campaign.
Although it is not known how it will work, rumors suggest that it will be similar to the Company Law approved in 2014.
The local press already takes for granted that the amnesty could come after the next Easter vacations.

What do we know?

1.- That it is not 100% certain that it will be approved and if it is approved, not all illegal constructions will be legalized.
This is essential because since the last elections we are seeing sellers offering illegal houses assuring that “It is certain that there will be amnesty and you will be able to legalize it and it will be worth much more”. Today is only a rumor. It looks like it could happen, but until it is approved, it is not certain.

2.-It seems that it will affect ONLY those constructions that have prescribed /time barred. That is to say, those on which the administration has lost the right to order restitution (demolition).
Prescribed is NOT that it has been built for more than 8 years. That is only one of the necessary elements. Prescribed is that it has been finished for more than 8 years, in general rustic land, not in a protected area and, most importantly, that the administration has not opened a file during that time. The fact that the owner does not know that a file has been opened does not mean that it does not exist.

What do we not know?

The conditions. The company law required the payment of a fee and a fine.
It has been rumored that it could now also require the improvement of the energy efficiency of the buildings.
The owner will have to assess the cost of the works to be done and the benefit to be obtained.

What to do if you have a house on rural land?

As soon as the regulations are approved, time will be of the essence.
In 2014 many people missed the opportunity to legalize their homes.
The most important is to know if your property is out of ordinance or not. Many owners believe that because their house is registered, appears in the land registry and has a certificate of occupancy it is legal. This is not true.

I recommend the property be reviewed by an expert to know if it complies with urban planning regulations. If there is any illegal part, as soon as the regulations are approved, you will be able to immediately take advantage of the regulations.

You want to know if your property has out-of-order parts.
Contact me and I will help you find out.

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