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Getting NIE Number in Mallorca

NIE number in Mallorca

To buy a property in Mallorca (or elsewhere in Spain) you need to get a NIE number.

As you can see process it is easy but can take time.
That’s why my advice is not to leave it until the end. NIE number will last forever and if you do not use it will not imply any obligation. As soon as you decide that you are going to buy something in Spain, be it a property, a vehicle or anything else, start the process.

From the beginning of 2020, NIE numbers can no longer be applied through the Law Association.
Now to obtain a NIE you must do so in one of the following ways:
1.- Spanish Consulate in your country of origin
2.- Directly in a Spanish police station
3.- Through a representative.

In case you can’t or don’t want to go to the consulate or stand in line at the police, with a representation we can arrange your NIE number.

Who can order the NIE number in Mallorca?

Foreigners who, because of their economic, professional or social interests, are related to Spain, may get, for identification purposes, a personal, unique and exclusive sequential number.

What is the NIE number?

The personal number shall be the foreigner’s identifier, therfore must appear on all documents issued or processed, as well as the formalities stamped on his identity card or passport.

How to apply for the NIE number in Mallorca?

A) In person at the police offices

B) Through a representative

Documents required to apply for NIE

1.- This application duly completed and signed

2.- Original and copy of the complete passport, or identity document.
Written explanation of the economic, professional or social reasons justifying the NIE application.

3.- Power of attorney of the representative to request it.

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