War in Mallorca to illegal urbanism.

Those days when illegal constructions were allowed on Majorca, are over.

Not so long ago, when a buyer asked about the status of a property, the answer was something like “Don’t worry. Mallorca has plenty illegal properties and noting happens”.
That WAS true in the past, but NOT NOW..

.-The Consell de Mallorca (Mallorca’s regional government) it’s doing it’s best to find out illegal properties and then act accordingly. So, on the last years they doubled the staff at the Team responsible for combating illegal construction on Mallorca.

.-From January to June 2016 number of files on violations of construction plans grew by 250 % if you compare them with the whole previous year.

So. Buy or not? 

Of course. Mallorca it’s full of nice and legal properties. Only hire a independent lawyer to avoid buying illegal property.